Friday, July 11, 2008

One lucky Dad!

We know how to stay cool in AZ!

I am TWO!

Sophia had a monkey cake on her special day. Both Max and Sophia were very excited and showed us some true monkey behavior that day.

"I am a cowgirl though and through, Yippee-ky-yee! Yippe-ky-yu!"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hello everyone! Sorry our mom hasn’t been updating this blog to see how much we have grown. We really think that she is just wasting her time by watching movies and eating ice-cream as soon as we go to bed. So we decided to take matters into our hands and here is what came out of it.

Since it’s been so long we’ll have to start with the time when we went to Las Vegas, think it was in March. Dad spent a month there learning how to waste his time more efficiently in some sort of hospital. Did you know that those things are full of ice-cream and especially TV?! Well, a good thing did happen and our baby cous Eva brought her parents for a visit and they even fit our grandma Susie with them. Boy, did we love every minute of that, especially when both of our parents left us on grandma’s watch!

It was sad to leave Eva but we were about to go to Texas to see our newest cousin Calvin and to rekindle our long lasting friendship with our cousin Brig. It was a long drive and our little bums almost fell off at the end of the trip but we made it. We watched our uncle Addie fly an airplane and even went inside some enormous airplanes. We taught Briggie how to use some “awesome” words and I Max showed him how to terrorize his younger sibling.

Now we are at home and have not been anywhere else since. That does not mean that our life is boring, in fact we keep our mom going 24/7. It’s kind of fun sometimes to see how fast she can run, although it never ends well for us.
Well that’s it for now. Come see us if you are in Kingman. Love you all, or how my little sis says it “Lobe you, see you soon”.