Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Life in Vernal

Still alive and surprisingly enough, no kids harmed (other than emotionally). We finally had the internet installed so we are back in the digital age again and our life is finally slowing down a bit.

Most smart people try to do major stressors one at a time, like move, have a baby, and start a new job. Not us, we thought that the “band-aid ripping” effect would be more fun, so we did them at the same time. Now that we are all moved in and settled we can relax a bit and enjoy life.

So far we are liking Vernal very much. It has been somewhat of an adjustment since it is about 20 degrees cooler here than in AZ, but no one has frozen yet.
Our house is beautiful and huge. I get a lot of exercise going up and down the stairs and from one side to the other of the house chasing the kids.

We went to our cousin’s, Felicia wedding last month. Max and Sophia contributed to our preparations to leave by flooding the upstairs bathroom and smearing poop all over the toy room carpet all in the 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave. The house survived but the kids and their parents have some deep emotional scars. Afterwards Sophia stated that she and Max were not in trouble for their misdeeds, she said “ NO DAD we are not in trouble: we’re kids and we’re funny!” We couldn’t argue with that but the duration of those funny kids lives might be significantly shortened if they continue to be that funny.

I am sitting at the computer and holding my baby boy in my arms. It is a very warm thing to do. This is about the only time when he gives any snuggling at all. When he is awake he is straight as a board and has a will of his own. Cuddling Jacob is like cuddling a 2x4. He started to smile recently (mostly associated with various gastrointestinal phenomena) but we love every second of it. Max and Sophia love their baby brother. Max is very soft and gentle with him and tries to be helpful to his mom. Sophia tries to be helpful too mostly by smothering Jake in her very tight grip and intermittently testing his eyes for durability. For those of you who did not receive our baby announcement or those who did not believe their eyes, our Jake’s middle name is Danger and we have the birth certificate to prove it.

I had to post this picture, cause I think it's so cool! Aaron is really good!
Jacob, 1 month old

This is a playground where Aaron played when he was Max and Sophia's age.

That's one poutty Max!

Sophia is dressed to the nines.

Max, Sophia and Jacob Danger fresh from the hospital