Thursday, January 29, 2009

What comes first our move or the baby?

Aaron came home a week ago and said “Let’s move now, before the baby comes. What do you think?” Of course I did not think much about that idea. I am miserably pregnant! I don’t want to do anything but lie comfortably on the couch with occasional meal being thrown at me. Yet we are moving now. I mean now! Thank goodness we’ve recruited some help, so it should go pretty fast. And Aaron is right, it should be easier to move without a baby on our hands. So we are moving to Vernal, Utah!
The baby, if all goes well, will be delivered in Salt Lake and not somewhere on the side of the road. We’ll have to pack some medical supplies just in case. Keep us in your prayers.

These pictures were taken in Utah while we were looking for a house. Kids were really good sports.

Max is a good packing partner.

the house. it is just a rental for now, but a beautiful one. Aaron is spoiling us, brand new house #3. Come visit us anytime.

Trip to Utah

Sometime in January we visited Utah. We came to do some house hunting, but couldn’t resist stopping at Grandma Susie’s house where we saw our little cousins Briggadie-Brig and Calvin-the-amazing. Aaron also squeezed a snowboarding trip in and we hang out at Grandpa Joe’s for a little while. And of course on the way out of town we stopped at Alia’s and made them late for church. The trip was very productive even though we didn’t buy any houses.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

still x-mas

Grandma Susie was brave enough to come and see us in Pinetop and we had a great time. She drove to Kingman with us and did the "Grandma duty" of making cookies with the kids. Thanks Grandma, we sure love you.

We also went sledding, to Sophia’s dismay. Max was the daredevil in the family and took on a steep and bumpy hill where he caught some impressive air.

Our VERY white Christmas

Guess what? It snows in Arizona! We spent our Christmas in Pinetop in a cabin covered with snow! We shoveled every day just to get out of our driveway and I even pushed our vehicles more than once. We were ill equipped for such an ordeal. Especially since I forgot everyone's jackets. Still we loved almost every minute of it: Aaron lost his phone somewhere in the snow, so we’ll be back looking for it this Summer. Enjoy the pix.