Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jacob Danger Indeed!

So my mom is in town, and it is awesome. It has been a week since she came and we don't even drive each other nuts. Anyway, the first time she walks in our house the kids want to show off the house and naturally take her straight to their room. There as they proceed demonstrating their awesome monkey skills of climbing all over their bunk beds Jake joins in the fun and tries to climb up the ladder that leads to the top. He goes two steps up and falls off proceeding on the way to the floor to hit the edge of the bed and splitting open his skull. I am not kidding, my mom was not in the house for more than 5 minutes, she didn't even have a chance to take her coat off. So, I, being a great nurse that I am, asses the damage and run my little "Danger" to the nearest ER where my favorite brave doctor is actually working at the moment. Two pop-sicles and some strong mommy arms later Jacob was a proud owner of 3 stitches.