Monday, September 29, 2008

Hey folks,
Sorry we were delinquent in our blog keeping up. It just seems that as the kids are growing bigger our days are growing shorter. I finally got around to it so here is our update.
As everyone hopefully already knows we are expecting a monster #3. So here is the mug-shot of Fred the fetus or Emma the embryo.

The baby is doing great and is very, very active. During the ultrasound this little miracle kept hitting me with his/hers tiny fist already trying to fend off the siblings. Max and Sophia are periodically giving him hugs and feeling her kicks. Sophia’s hugs are more of a death grip though.

I found out that it is no fun to be pregnant when you are 30, and am very grateful to Aaron for allowing me to stay home with the kids. I am already gigantic and as soon as the kids finally give up running around like crazy can barely keep my eyes open.
Aaron is working really hard and now he has a moonlighting job to keep him occupied on those “numerous” days off. We miss him a lot but the end is near.